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Secondary status effects should work like Dark Souls.

#21Archwing3441Posted 1/13/2013 8:23:27 PM
Octaivian_Rex posted...
From: Benzychenz | #015
Oh, you want this for competitive battles. No thanks. I like the random chance in my pokemon.

Got a cool idea then. When you're catching Pokemon flip a coin. Whenever you get tails you have to release the Pokemon. Luck is fun!

Seriously though, you could always have a toggle or something for an addition like this.

From: Roc_Raida | #016
What happens with moves like Tri Attack?

I assume it increases the burn, freeze and paralysis bar by 10 for every Tri Attack while if all the bars reaches 100 at the same time then it'll be random on with status the opposing Pokemon will get?

Yes. Exactly that.

I do want to point out that the only flaw I see with your set up is that your numbers needs to be readjusted. Because pokemon is already a fast pace offensive game for the most part, most pokemon doing an attack would be using an attack with intention of finishing off an enemy in at least 3 hits. With this set up, you'll probably kill the pokemon before you give it a status effect. With this logic, this set up only hurts tanks, the pokemon who'll actually get hit enough times to get a status problem, causing competitive pokemon to be more offensive base.
ex: who is going to get hit by enough tri attack to actually get a status problem? assuming you give 10 for every tri attack with the status being 100, you'll need to do like 19 tri attacks (due to healing 5 every turn) in order to get a status effect... what is possible surviving 19 tri attacks?
ex2: How often do pokemon survive 6 flame throwers?

Like I said, I like the concept but the numbers should be readjusted so that a pokemon can be status in 1(toxic, thunder wave, will-o-wisp)-3 turns (3 turns would be flamethrower, ice beam, and thunder, while 2 turns would be he higher status versions like lava plume and discharge). Because if you don't make it occur more frequently, I don't think it'll affect the competitive game play nearly as much as you want it to, except make those attacks even worst because you can't even pray for the low 10%, making special attackers worst, effectively making physical attackers better in comparison and like I said, making the game more offensively base, the exact opposite direction they should be heading towards because the competitive pokemon is really physically offensive based.
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#22Shadow_StarWolfPosted 1/13/2013 9:16:24 PM
From: Octaivian_Rex | Posted: 1/14/2013 11:09:55 AM | #017
Got a cool idea then. When you're catching Pokemon flip a coin. Whenever you get tails you have to release the Pokemon. Luck is fun!

There is a hidden calculation for catching pokemon though. It's still riddled with random number, but at least you can skew the favors.

In any case I also agree with this hurting tanks a lot more. The meta-game is already crap with speed being too much of a focus, being offensive-oriented will only deter it.