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CYOA: The Pokemon Center was robbed

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One more bump, then I'll just go with Ness >_>
#52Rizaadon007Posted 1/16/2013 5:28:03 AM
"Welcome to the Velvet Monorail! This place resides between Dream and Universal Studios!" -Cantido on how the Velvet Room changes from game to game.
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Gonna go take a shower, update when I get out
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"Name's Ness." you say giving Cruz some attitude.
"Ness huh, not exactly a common name. Not trying to give us the run around are you?" Cruz asks, his hands still hovering over his handcuffs.
"My parents were kind of out there."
"Mind if I see some ID?" Cruz asks as Josie shakes her head.
"Go right ahead." you say pulling out your pokedex, you quickly load up the ID screen and shove it in Cruz's face. He grabs you by the collar and pulls you in.
"Cruz!" Josie yells before separating the two of you. "Go blow off some steam!" she yells before leading Cruz to the door.

"Sorry about that, he recently lost a pokemon himself, I guess this case might be a little too close from him." Josie says embarrassed at her partner's actions. "You seem to check out, although we'll probably need you to come down to the station later. So I'll need some contact info, and you'll have to stay in the city until we clear you." Josie adds before handing you her notepad.
"Well I was planning on challenging the local gym leader, so I was already planning on being here for a while." you say before writing down your name and number.
"You're gonna challenge Maylene? She's pretty tough, sure you can take her?" Josie asks somewhat flirting with you.
"Oh I'm sure." you say doing your best to combat your shyness.
"Well good luck, I hate to go, but I've got to go question everyone else here." Josie says with a laugh.
"Alright, it was nice meeting you." you say heading towards the door, an impressed and quiet Crump by your side.

"Prin, prin prin." Crump says as you walk away from the Pokemon Center.
"I know right, I can't believe it either. I'm never that smooth." you say impressed with yourself.
"Prin, prinplup." Crump says somewhat naughtily,
"See Crump, this is why I don't talk to you about this kind of stuff." you say shaking your head.
"Plup." Crump says with a shrug as you continue towards the gym.
"Don't act like you forgot about Paula already." you say thinking back to the last girl you impressed.
"Prin." Crump says with a chuckle as the two of you notice Officer Cruz walking around near the gym.
"Great, just what I needed."

What do you do?
A) Go talk to Cruz, try and smooth things out
B) Ignore Cruz head to the gym
C) Tell Cruz about the thief's client
D) Brag to Cruz about hitting on his partner
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Be a nice MC.
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I'll never let you win, never.
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I'll never let you win, never.
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Obviously you beat Cruz down and steal all of HIS badges. The, acting in haste, you run into the nearest forest to become one of the fabled Tree People, surviving off of mushrooms and leaves.
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