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ITT: We rate the Gen IV evolutions!

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4 years ago#11
RageKaiser posted...
Because Gen 4 was 2 Gens ago.

Oh, Ragey.
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4 years ago#12
Roserade - 8
Ambipom - 1 (one of my least favorite mons.)
Mismagius - 9
Honchkrow - 10
Weavile - 9
Magnezone - 7
Lickilicky - 8
Rhyperior - 1 (also one of my least favorite pokemon ever....)
Tangrowth - 9
Electivire - 8
Magmortar - 5 (proportions bug me on him. He looks awkward.)
Togekiss - 7
Yanmega - 10
Leafeon - 5 (I don't really like Leafeon, but Glaceon is super awesome.)
Glaceon - 9
Gliscor - 7
Mamoswine - 2
Porygon-Z - 10 (one of my favorite pokemon of all time!)
Gallade - 8
Probopass - 1 (gross. Just gross)
Dusknoir - 7 (a lot better than dusclops.)
Froslass - 9 (another very very creative design. Unexpected and brilliant!)

All in all, I love most of Gen 4's designs. There are definately a few stinkers in there, but Gen 4 has my second favorite pokemon designs, losing only to Gen 5.
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4 years ago#13
Roserade - 10
Great concept and actually looks like the final stage whereas Roselia looked like it was missing one last stage. Love the Masquerade theme.

Ambipom - 2
Lazy and ugly. Don't know what they were thinking with that nose but it KILLS it.

Mismagius - 8
Cool design but a little disappointing that they took the Medusa Head looking idea of Misdreavus and just went turned it into a witch. That lump in her throat it weird too.

Honchkrow - 8
Seems like a natural progression to Murkrow. Has that Don thing going on. They managed to really build personality into the actual design which is good.

Weavile - 5
Really don't care for it. Feel like they took it in the opposite direction I would have wanted. Not diggin' all those extra frills and the headdress looking thing.

Magnezone - 5
I kinda like the design of it (aside from the eye in the middle which really just doesn't fit) but I hate what it did to Magneton. The two don't look related in the slightest like there's a missing link between the two so it just throws the entire thing off because as a Magneton evolution it's ugly and unfitting but as it's own Pokemon it's just ok.

Lickilicky - 8
I love Lickitung. Wasn't sure about this guy at first but he grew on me and now I like him. I really like the regal fat guy look they gave him. One of my favorite Pokemon. Maybe my favorite Normal.

Rhyperior - 3
Terrible design. I have no idea what these orange plates are but they look idiotic and don't fit with the design at all. It would probably look cool if some kid hadn't come and smashed orange clay all over him.

Tangrowth - 0
Extremely lazy. I can't give it any points because it went backwards. I've typed up a paragraph about how I dislike it before but basically they just got lazy. All they did was stretch Tangela but they even messed up that. Look at the tentacles they're completely lacking detail. Tangela has start and end points for all her tentacles making it look like there's really something there. Tangrowth looks like a blue Grimace with frills at the end.

Electivire - 8
This is another one that has a really strong design but feels like a huge leap from Electabuzz. Overall I still like it and I appreciate them continuing the creativeness with the wires and socket design.

Magmortar - 5
Not sure what the hell happened hear. Took Magmar and Magby looking like Salamanders and turned it into something that doesn't resemble them at all. It suffers from the problem as Magnezone where the design isn't BAD but it doesn't work at all as a Magmar evolution.

Togekiss - 3
Don't like it at all. Togetic was neat but now it's like an amorphous frisbee blob. Didn't see this one comic from Togetic at all.

Yanmega - 7
Yanma was pretty overlooked and Yanmega's gonna make sure that never happens again. Really upped the badassitude and comes with a pretty damn useful ability. I get some kind of cool military chopper feel for some reason.

Leafeon & Glaceon - 7
Don't much care for the Eevee line as I find them dreadfully overrated but Leafeon and Glaceon have two of the stronger designs. They're definitely a step up from Espeon and Umbreon which I just find plain ugly. I do feel they didn't quite push the Ice and Grass element enough though. Flareon, Vaporeon and Jolteon FEEL like the element. These guys feel kinda eh.

Gliscor - 6
It's a cool design but it's kinda disappointing they took Gligar into the badass and edgey territory because he had a pretty unique and cute design. I don't feel like Gliscor's is as strong as Gligar's.
4 years ago#14
Mamoswine - 6
I like Mamoswine but there are some flaws. The face being so prominent yet flat really detracts from the overall design. It just makes it look like something is missing. Might be the lack of ears or something. It's also disappointing that this had to come out of Piloswine who was really cool and had a neat concept that I feel was tarnished with Mamoswine because it really took things in the complete opposite direction. I thought the eye covering was cute too and then Gamefreak said NOPE FULL FACE COMPLETELY OPEN NO FUR. The lack of fur especially makes Mamoswine look strange.

Porygon-Z - 4
Porygon was a really cool looking Pokemon. Porygon but it at least looked like one of those little bird toys that dip into the water. That gave it a little bit of charm and the progression made sense as it got smoother. I like the idea that Porygon Z is like an infected Porygon 2 but I just don't really care for the whole line at all and the design didn't change enough for me with this.

Gallade - 4
It feels unfinished. Gallade feels like the Kirlia and we haven't gotten the Gardevoir counterpart yet. That's my main gripe with it. I like that they made a male counterpart but it's kinda dumb that Gardevoir can still be male. But I just can't get the thought out of my head that it's a mid evolution.

Probopass - 7
I like the Mr, Potato Head thing it has going on here. It's cute and funny and the way they actually used explanations for why it turned out that way and what the mustache is actually made out of is really cool. I am sad to see the Easter Island Head concept get thrown out the window though.

Dusknoir - 2
Feels like a big step back from Dusclops. Duskull and Dusclops are some of the coolest looking ghost Pokemon with some of the coolest concepts I love 'em. Dusknoir is just boring. It looks like the stereotypical badass cool Ghost Pokemon rather than something creative like Duskull and Dusclops. It just feels very generic. It saddens me that it ruined Duskull and Dusclops for me. It really does.

Froslass - 10
At first I wasn't sure how I felt about it when it first appeared but now I love it and it's by far one of my favorite Pokemon. The design is great but the concept behind it is so fascinating and creative. Not to mention the unique typing. It also feels like a more fitting evolution for Snorunt than a Hockey Mask. Snorunt is a little snow sprite from Japanese folklore and Frosslass is a snow demon lady from Japanese folklore.
4 years ago#15
Roserade - 9.5
Ambipom - 5.5
Mismagius - 6.5
Honchkrow - 10
Weavile - 8
Magnezone - 7.5
Lickilicky - 4
Rhyperior - 5
Tangrowth - 7.5
Electivire - 9
Magmortar - 6
Togekiss - 10
Yanmega - 9.5
Leafeon - 8
Glaceon - 5.5
Gliscor - 10
Mamoswine - 7.5
Porygon-Z - 6.5
Gallade - 8
Probopass - 4
Dusknoir - 7
Froslass - 10
4 years ago#16
Robot_Soopa, I like your very detailed analysis of each one.

Oh, and the "lump" in Mismagius' neck is meant to be the neckpiece to its "cloak" I think. At least that's how I've always seen it.
"Garbodor is a fat little goose." - Metua
4 years ago#17
Donniedonz posted...
Robot_Soopa, I like your very detailed analysis of each one.

Oh, and the "lump" in Mismagius' neck is meant to be the neckpiece to its "cloak" I think. At least that's how I've always seen it.

Thanks! And that would actually make a lot of sense. Forcing myself to see it that way makes it look a lot better. Always looked like she had a lemon in her throat to me hahaha.
4 years ago#18
Roserade - 8
Ambipom - 6
Mismagius - 7
Honchkrow - 10
Weavile - 8
Magnezone - 8
Lickilicky - 5
Rhyperior - 7
Tangrowth - 3
Electivire - 9
Magmortar - 2
Togekiss - 10
Yanmega - 9
Leafeon - 7
Glaceon - 10
Gliscor - 10
Mamoswine - 6
Porygon-Z - 9
Gallade - 8
Probopass - 1
Dusknoir - 7
Froslass - 7
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