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How many shines have you seen throughout your pokemon career?

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4 years ago#41
Just 1. It was a shiny Sentret waaaaaay back in Crystal.

Making them slightly more common would't hurt.
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4 years ago#42
2, a Budew and Starly, levels 10 and under. I was ecstatic.
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4 years ago#43
"Seen"? Well to be specific, I'll consider seen as in either mine or someone else's who I know locally.
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4 years ago#44
Let's see... Chronologically (in order of capture)

Carvanha in Ruby
Ekans in FireRed
Machop in Diamond
Pinsir in SoulSilver
Baltoy in Emerald
Audino in B2

At least six? Really?? Nice!

Oh yeah, and I encountered this shiny Graveler in Diamond's Victory Road this one time... I'd rather not talk about it...
4 years ago#45
2. Both were Rattata in HG's Tin Tower.

Not even top percentile. Dammit...
4 years ago#46
Litwick in Black
Metang in Black 2

Technically, I caught a Tentacool in Gold, but that was on an emulator.

2 legitimately.
4 years ago#47
4 legit, all caught
1 emulated, not caught
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4 years ago#48

Although I've only played white and if I ran into one I don't know if I would even know it was shiny
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4 years ago#49

I have probably 3,000 accumulated hours across all of the games and I have never once seen a shiny.
4 years ago#50
1, which just HAD to be in the battle frontier
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