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We need some classic horror pokemon

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2 years ago#11
Gaming_Mastery posted...
Kagayaku08 posted...
oh oh oh i know!

a jack-o-laturn pokemon! Grass/Fire or Grass/Ghost right there!

Now THAT'S generic Halloween if I ever saw it, but a Grass/Fire typing makes it a good idea.

exactly, tis both classic horror and an interesting typing.

we could get a more frankensteinish pokemon ohter than mewtwo. Mewtwo is more of a clone anyway.
~When everything's made to be broken, i don't give a damn if you know who I am~
2 years ago#12
The problem is, I see a Frankenstein's Monster Pokemon being a big deal storywise due to it being man-made, but Mewtwo already fits the bill of man-made monstrosity and was fairly important in Gen-1
Gotta crash the mode.
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