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What this game must do to be the greatest pokemon game. #2

#11pikachupwnage(Topic Creator)Posted 1/14/2013 7:55:50 PM
Infernus93 posted...
I don't normally pay attention to the story, because it's always evil team is trying to do something. N's story aspects were quite a bit more interesting. I also liked the "figure it out yourself" style Gen 1 gave Mewtwo. Basically, I like the sub-plots that aren't talked about by every single NPC in the game. Stuff you just stumble on and are like "Wait, what?"

Beyond that, all I need are some minor tweaks to mechanics (IV's, breeding, selling more than one item to maniacs), and a better flowing region (caves and forests don't have to be a hard stop between themselves and cities). Mt. Silver, Fortree City, and Victory Road in B2/W2, are what I consider examples of good region flow, but even they could be improved.

Oh yes. That sort of thing is most welcome.
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#12pikachupwnage(Topic Creator)Posted 1/14/2013 7:56:22 PM
GallantChaddymn posted...
Gymleaders have always had occupations outside there gym.>.> (not all but they have )
Gen V just points it out and everyone seems to think it wis the only case.
They also had there own personalities (with some exeptions Tate and Lisa)

I know but it was most prevalent in gen 5.
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#13dylnaquiPosted 1/14/2013 7:58:33 PM
A unique story would be nice. Something not cliche. Basing this off of the "there will be two evil teams" theory," I think it should make it seem like there is only one evil team, and a good/neutral team (maybe some popular company or something) and only focus on the evil team at first, making them seem like amateurs, but then hint at the company being more than just a company, and have the company either turn out to be a truly evil team, or the amateur evil team being just a publicity stunt by the company by having the amateur team constantly attacking the company and the company trying to fight them off, but you keep ruining it by stopping them yourself.

And when I say unique plot, I mean unique to Pokemon.

Also, sorry for the long run-on nonstop sentence.
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