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List your starters... AGAIN :D

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4 years ago#31
From Elm-Cyndaquil
From Oak-Bulbasaur
From Steven-Torchic
Black 2-Tepig
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4 years ago#32
Red- Bulbasaur
Silver- Chikorita
Sapphire- Treecko
Leaf Green- Bulbasaur
Diamond- Turtwig
Platinum- Piplup
Heart Gold- Chikorita
White- Snivy
Black- Oshawott
White 2- Tepig

X/Y- Probably either Chespin or Froakie.

And gee, I wonder what type I like?
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4 years ago#33
Yellow - Pikachu
Crystal - Chikorita, Cyndaquil
FireRed - Squirtle, Charmander
Emerald - All
Diamond - Chimchar, Piplup
Platinum - Chimchar
SoulSilver - Cyndaquil
Black - Snivy
Black 2 - Snivy
X - Fennekin
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4 years ago#34
Blue- Charmander
Silver- Todadile/Cyndaquil(can't remember which I picked first)
Sapphire-Treecko(Favorite Starter of all time, Charmander as a close second)

X/Y- Depends on how the other evolved forms look, but I'm leaning towards Chespin. Maybe Fennekin if it turns out to branch off to Fire-Psychic.
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