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Why is the Digimon Anime so much better then the pokemon Anime?

#121PrismsbladePosted 1/19/2013 1:09:20 PM
Xros Wars was actually pretty good the number of digimon the producers were able to pack into a single episode was nothing sort of mind blowing+ nostalgic, In fact by the end of the first season you may have seen about 3/4 every digimon from all previous seasons.

I liked Taiki as well, kind hearted as you would expect, but surprisingly lv headed, as well as being a very smart strategist, that saved the group on quite a few occasions, heck put him in the shoes of every other MC, and he would have saved their woulds much easier.

Then season 3 happened, which came Tagiru, "ugh" WORST MC EVER in digimon history, who had non of the pros of Taiki, in fact he was the opposite, being both and idiot, and a reckless fool. Who hunted digimon not for their benefit, or others, but for his own self satisfaction.

I could barely handle S3s near non existent plot, and numerous fillers, but Tagiru.....NOOOOO!!!!!!!
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