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Why are there no pokemon with 2 word names?

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Huh. Never really noticed that. I guess there really isn't. All of them are one word.

Mr. Mime. Mime Jr.

But doesn't the game have it has "Mr.Mime?" I can't remember for Jr, but I could have sworn it was "MimeJr."

Nope. There is a space in both names.
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Spaces don't make abbreviations words. Please don't troll in my topic.
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Spaces don't make abbreviations words.

You're right. What makes abbreviations words is the fact that they are words.
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Sazh Katzroy would make an awesome pokemon name.

Really? You're mentioning Final Fantasy names on a Pokemon board?!

I apologize if I think it's a great name for a pokemon. It's not like Square owns the name, that would be like Kevin Sorbo complaining Disney stole his swag.

Yes, yes, they do. It is copyrighted together with the character.
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