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You are trapped in a Roman colosseum-like arena. With no weapons.

#331BarelyIntiatedPosted 1/15/2013 11:12:06 PM

Pokedex: though in small stature. It is powerful enough to easily heft and throw a number of geodudes at once

Well... I don't think i'll be coming out of this in one piece
#332Deoxys_PrimePosted 1/15/2013 11:16:11 PM
Haha! Yes! I got Cleffa! All I need is a solid stomp and I think it's gone.
#333CM_PonchPosted 1/15/2013 11:26:05 PM
Mantyke is as good as dead
#334bananaman132Posted 1/15/2013 11:32:59 PM
if a tree falls on a mime and no one is around to see it, does anyone care?
#335ZOMGIshlzPosted 1/16/2013 7:42:51 AM
Joltik rofl
I come up with the most wittiest pkmn usernames such as MisterMagius and Tyranirawr :3
#336RX02BansheePosted 1/16/2013 7:46:38 AM

But I can't beat something so cute to death!! T_T *Sticks out arm and lets it suck all my blood out*
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#337bloodthirstfuryPosted 1/16/2013 7:49:53 AM
Beedrill, I'm in trouble.
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#338Crimson_Blaze47Posted 1/16/2013 7:56:51 AM
HELL i got deoxys (speed form)
i cant even run from it T__T
#339SvenshinhanPosted 1/16/2013 7:58:34 AM

Yeah, I'm dead. I've run away from smaller snakes without special powers in my lifetime. XD
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#340MilenninPosted 1/16/2013 8:07:55 AM
Since I survived my fight from yesterday, I think... time for today's battle... against:


That should be a auto-win for me, because the Seaking wouldn't be able to fight on land! Go me!
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