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Why did Game Freak gave Regigigas such an awful ability? (Archived)
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Fatalfruit161/8 11:33PM
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Can the XY Battle Spot link up with ORAS players, and Vice Versa? (Archived)DjHotness21/8 8:25PM
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Ferrothorn build (Archived)Redmest11/8 6:08PM
Remember when Mega Alakazam was garbage? (Archived)
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LRodC181/8 5:18PM
Going to start a Nuzlocke run. Any other rules I should give myself? (Archived)MetaKirbyFan51/8 4:29PM
Starters heal/hurt (Archived)
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NinjaAurorus5001/8 1:34PM
attack that leaves 1 hp (Archived)doctahwho31/8 11:47AM
Shortest main series Pokemon game? (Archived)KRcrap61/8 11:26AM
Looking for a new, fresh Pokemon experience. Should I get Black/White or X/Y? (Archived)HylianKnight1101/8 10:56AM
Potentially Dumb Question - Serperior (Archived)TheZuperHero41/8 10:05AM
YR: Mega Starmie gets No Guard (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
LightEmperor161/7 10:21PM
Good Pokemon Webcomics? (Archived)
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Bearacudda98561/7 9:25PM
Is it true you can't compete battle if you're not the OT (Archived)Mortsllem31/7 7:55PM
I love the world of Kalos. (Archived)NewportBox100s51/7 2:54PM
KB & HB question (Archived)MullyJully21/7 12:24PM
Most Overrated and Underrated Poketubers (Archived)Mr15555181/7 11:18AM
The Pokedex book is going for a THOUSAND DOLLARS, used. Do you got one? (Archived)
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NewportBox100s181/7 9:55AM
where do I catch (Archived)doctahwho71/7 7:42AM