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Look to your right.

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4 years ago#1
The first object you see is replaced by

A blanket is replaced with a Manbok. How charming.
4 years ago#2
The hell?
Ring Ring
4 years ago#3

Oh Jesus F Christ.
4 years ago#4
Abtly, whaaaaa?
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4 years ago#5

Looks kinda cute o_o
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4 years ago#6
Why do they only go up to Krabby?
When life gives you melons, you know you're dyslexic.
4 years ago#7
Not changing until a new Star Fox game is announced. (started 8/03/12)
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4 years ago#8
overmaxx posted...

Oh Jesus F Christ.


im not sure what to think
4 years ago#9
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4 years ago#10

That is the single most terrifying thing I think I have ever seen...
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