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Look to your right.

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4 years ago#81
Apalapan posted...
My fan got replaced with...

OH GOD LOOK AT THAT NAME. AND NOW ITS MY FAN. And it's blowing its... gas... at me!

The best part about that is the face. So damn trolly about it. Like the friend driving that suddenly locks the windows an doors...
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4 years ago#82

Actually looks kinda cool. Just hope it's not hungry.
"There's aught of use here" -- Emiya Shiki, Excel Saga 2: Assassins of Sins
4 years ago#83
My soda just turned into this:

Good thing I wasn't drinking it at the time.
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4 years ago#84
Bump for this one being different.

Nineduck win;
4 years ago#85
My math textbook.

Wow, that one actually looks pretty good.

So I tried again.

hee hee hee
Official Natu of the Pokemon X/Y Boards
4 years ago#86
My cup is replaced by a Chartails...

Looks pretty damn cool.
4 years ago#87
my fan is replaced by onuga, half onyx and half kakuna
The teacher said we could be anything we wanted when we grow up.
He wasnt talking to you son, now go out back and practice digging some holes.
4 years ago#88
wow there is a lot of nightmare fuel in those fusions.
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4 years ago#89
Trashcan replaced by Sandpod. Mmkay.
Official Latios of the Pokemon X/Y Boards
4 years ago#90
I'm pretty sure this is not a Golduck.
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