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Trying to get back into Pokemon

#11kkd17(Topic Creator)Posted 1/16/2013 11:13:15 AM(edited)
Thanks for the help. Last question, what's the big changes (no heavy spoilers) between BW 1 and 2? I know there's a time skip but anything else that makes 2 the better choice?
#12kkd17(Topic Creator)Posted 1/16/2013 11:14:17 AM
Maurith posted...
Either Black/White or their sequels are fine. If you want to get the sequels so you can go through the story with some familiar faces, then you don't lose much. Obviously the story is a continuation but it's easy to follow.

OK thanks. I'll think I'll stick with the the first ones. Thanks!
#13deadpool848Posted 1/16/2013 11:19:13 AM
I find these 3 games to cover a pretty good portion of everything really.

HG/SS (Whichever)
B2/W2 (Whichever)

These are now the only games I own and I have to say i have everything I need pokemon wise in these 3 games.

I do have Firered and Ruby but i no longer have a means to play them, but both are good games too.