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Most Popular Type - Round 3

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4 years ago#1
Vote for the group containing your favorite type. If not present, vote for your 2nd favorite and so on. Please also post the reason why. - Results (47 votes)
Psychic or Ice
42.55% (20 votes)
Dragon or Dark
57.45% (27 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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I'm French speaking.
Male, 22, Quebec
4 years ago#2
I used to like dragons a lot but they are so common now. I've always liked ice pokemon, too ad being an ice type sucks and your better off shoving ice moves on non ice pokemon :(
4 years ago#3
Since water is gone, I'll go with my second favorite type; Psychic.
Now Leave!
4 years ago#4
This is going to be tight.
I'm French speaking.
Male, 22, Quebec
4 years ago#5
"Dragon or Dark"
Dragon. One of my favorite tap, second one is Electric. I love dragons and lightning is my favorite elemental power in sorcery.
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4 years ago#6
The score is too close to end the poll right now, I'll wait until after 50 votes at the very least.
I'm French speaking.
Male, 22, Quebec
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