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4 years ago#101
magmar |
4 years ago#102
Ivysaur, not bad.
I tell it how I see it. Controversial and I don't care.
4 years ago#103
Can I be Red instead? I really don't like that Ash Ketchum character

I got the same Pokémon as TC

#61 - Poliwhirl
"The reaper is always one step behind me..." - Shadow from Final Fantasy VI
4 years ago#104

Man Haven't played pokemon in years ><
I would definitely stick with this one though :D
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4 years ago#105
Scyther. Woo! One of my favs
I love F.A.T. chicks
4 years ago#106

But I'm afraid of bugs...
4 years ago#107
#68 - Machamp

im okay with that
4 years ago#108
I got a Machoke for life....

And I can't trade it to evolve it >_>
Pokemon white FC: 0003 4423 2595
4 years ago#109
Clefable. Not too bad, but it's still a giant pink thing following me everywhere.
4 years ago#110

I'm okay with this.
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