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4 years ago#111
Mr, Mime...

Life just got weird...
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4 years ago#112
darkdragongirl posted...
pumpkinhead104 posted...

Carrying around my Slugma without a pokeball would burn my hands. And I have to do this FOREVER?

Slugma isn't that slow.

Slugma is also not gen 1.
4 years ago#113
Charmeleon, pretty cool.
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4 years ago#114
Magikarp. Well it looks like I'm screwed.

Rerolled and got a Lapras. Rerolled again, got a Lapras again. WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE!
4 years ago#115
Eww, Goldeen...
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4 years ago#116

I wouldn't mind having him after me.
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4 years ago#117
I think I'm the second person to get Farfetch'd. It won't evolve anyway and I did have a decent run with it on my team in Fire Red before so I'm kinda happy. Not a problem to have around too.
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4 years ago#118
darkdragongirl posted...

Kanto region only, no legendary Pokemon. You're now Ash Ketchum, and this is your first Pokemon. He/she is stuck with you FOREVER! How does this make you feel? Remember they have to stay out of the Pokéball so enjoy carrying a Goldeen. Also, no EVOLVING because you love them just the way they are.

#118 - Goldeen

Created 6/12/2011
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4 years ago#119
Aerodactyl. I think everyone will be wondering how Ash got one. As far as the anime is concerned, Aerodactyl is legendary. Just in case, I did it again and got Nidoking. :P
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4 years ago#120

Seems all right to me. :P
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