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4 years ago#141
Chansey. Probably the best outcome. She's a pretty good pokemon, and there is a steady supply of eggs so I won't go hungry.
4 years ago#142
Chansey.... I can have boiled eggs every time i want!
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(message deleted)
4 years ago#144
Hydra_Gundam_ posted...
Vileplume. Which I seem to like but I would pass out frequently from the psychedelic fumes.

I got a Gloom......which also get high off of his/her own supply.....
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4 years ago#145

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4 years ago#146

All right! I can fly anywhere and have one of the best flying pokemon ever now.
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4 years ago#147
Kingler, nice. :)

Crabhammering my way across Kanto.
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4 years ago#148
No way in hell I'm keeping this thing out of its pokemon, it would just take naps every 5 minutes. It would take me weeks to just reach the next town over because i would have to wait for snorlax to wake up.
4 years ago#149
Weedle. fml
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4 years ago#150

Eh...Well I get to cause Earthquakes.
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