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oh look that topic

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4 years ago#151
Wow really
Official Swinub of Pokemon X and Y boards
4 years ago#152
Farfetch'd.............. Why?
4 years ago#153

Could be worse.
4 years ago#154
Vaporeon. Awesome.
Official pervert of ALL boards.
"In real life, you're just a ***** with a keyboard!" - Female voice 1, Saint's Row: The Third.
4 years ago#155
I got Marowak. Yes!
Waiting for Vagrant Story 2, the next Chrono game, and Jesus.
4 years ago#156

The difference is I don't suck.
"You think our rage a weakness? Then let me show you... how wrong you are!" - Edge, Final Fantasy IV
4 years ago#157

Well that's somewhat ironic, isn't it?
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