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4 years ago#51
MrFingers07 posted...
From: chronifused2 | #037
ITT: people who can't read

only like 3 people, and one of them even corrected himself. lol

Thanks for the shoutout.
"Why do I check for updates when I know there's nothing there?"
4 years ago#52
4 years ago#53

Little kids are gonna be scared of me... >_<
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4 years ago#54

Think I just glitched my Kanto region...
Remember kids, cancer doesn't kill people, people with cancer kills people.
4 years ago#55
I actually got Raichu. Take that, Ash!
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4 years ago#56

Its gonna be a good day.
Ring Ring
4 years ago#57
4 years ago#58

Pretty nice.
While the Metroid is sucking Samus dry, the game can stop and turn it into a calculus problem. - zoogelio
4 years ago#59
Dewgong. F this.
4 years ago#60
Haunter, I will trade for a kadabra
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