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4 years ago#61
Ryhorn At least I can ride it.
Many thanks to Metallic_Trance! :3
4 years ago#62

Terry McAuliffe for Governor '14
4 years ago#63

I guess I'm fine with it. Magmar is one of my favorite Fire lines anyhow. Well, assuming it isn't stuck with its generation 1 moveset. Pretty sure I won't be able to stand using just Ember for 30 some odd levels as the only attack or 40 some levels as the only damaging attack. About 50 levels for a type beyond just Fire? Oh help me... >_>
4 years ago#64
perfectchaos83 posted...
Ryhorn At least I can ride it.

Ring Ring
4 years ago#65
Excadrill. This pleases me.
*(int *)nullptr = 0;
4 years ago#66
banjo kazooie posted...
Excadrill. This pleases me.

If this were another topic, sure.
4 years ago#67
A pidgey... Lame...
Wow really
Official Swinub of Pokemon X and Y boards
4 years ago#68
Eevee. Hmm, not too bad.
"Command and Conquer 4 and Red Alert 3 sucking is the fault of Westwood."-Gaming King
Auto heal is the amateur's medpack.
4 years ago#69
Desulated posted...
Eevee. Hmm, not too bad.

Despite being stuck in base mode he can steal beat Ash's Charizard.
Playing: Ragnarok Odyssey
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4 years ago#70
Meowth... I hope he talks
It hurts so good
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