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What Positive Impacts has Pokemon had on your life?

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Math has always been a hard subject for me as well, kind of surprising to some teachers I have had given how the media shows people on the autistic spectrum as being super logical and/or geniuses in subjects that involve numbers.

yeah, I don't usually tell people that i'm autistic as they automatically assume that i'm a maths genius, people who know me know that i'm terrible at maths.

If I consider anybody close enough to be a friend, I'll tell them because in my opinion, it would help to explain some of my odd mannerisms, as well as the fact that as a friend, they at least deserve to know that much about me.

Plus I'm proud of being autistic (in my case Aspergers Syndrome), because although the number of people diagnosed (when I was 7 in my case) has increased in recent years (how many of those were due to over zealous doctors/parents or morons trying to self diagnose themselves to get out of having to do stuff [unfortunately, it's more common than you might think], I don't know), Autism is still relatively rare, with a range of disorders and traits on the spectrum, so it makes me feel unique.

Well I tell my friends too (some of them are also autistic) but not people I don't know that well, I just try and disguise it.

Like you, the form of autism I have is aspergers. Unfortunately, I don't enjoy telling people as they assume that I must be one of the self diagnosed people that are so common now. I've been accused of self diagonsed before. (In reality, I was diagnosed at age 3)

I'm not ashamed about it or anything, I just feel that I have to get to know someone first usually before i tell them. After that i'm always open about it. I would feel pretty bad if I didn't tell them, but I don't want to be judged based on that before I get to know them. Like, if someone already has got to know me, and think's i'm a nice guy, i'll tell them. But I tell them before thery know me there's a chance that they'll judge me and treat me differently based on that. (Happened before)

But yeah, I'd say that I AM proud of it, I just feel nervous going around stating it usually.

That's perfectly understandable.
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It's a pretty good stress reliever for me :p
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