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Wow there sure are a lot of pokemon rip offs out there

#21natchu96Posted 1/20/2013 2:27:05 AM
Tyranidomega posted...
I'm curious. Most digifans say that ZeedMilleniummon is one of, if not the strongest digimon ever, but we've never seen it in the shows. How come?

I've actually barely heard of the guy, but if this page wasn't lying then he's only been in 2 games and a manga.

I'm not a major digimon fan in any way, but I can at least say the anime is moer bearable. The cliche's still turn up every now and then (it's anime cashing in on an existing franchise. What did you expect? Storywriting masterpieces?) but Tamers (the third one) was probably the least offending of that, and somehow got pretty dark by the end of it all with a relative lack of DEMs until the end.
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