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What happened to having starters on the box art?

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4 years ago#11
It made sense when the games were Red Blue Green and Yellow. Wouldn't make sense now.
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4 years ago#12
It's to entice people into buying the game, the legendaries are usually the most well-designed and most powerful in the game so they show you "this is the pokemon you are going to have"

Rather than just an option.
I didn't mind the starters on the box, but since they've now put legendaries on every gen except 1 it would look odd going back to that
4 years ago#13
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4 years ago#14
I actually thought about this a couple days ago. I'd love to see 3rd form starters again
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4 years ago#15
It didn't exactly make much sense back then either. Originally, we only had Red and Green, Blue and eventually Yellow came much later, they weren't planned from the start.

The legendaries are just obviously the big selling point, at least they try and market them that way.
4 years ago#16
GooperBlooper posted...
Now it's just legendaries... Charizard and Blastoise ftw

That would be cool for a Collector's edition..maybe you could have three choice..One with a Chespin Statue,One with a Fennekin statue and one with a Froakie statue
4 years ago#17
No, because instead of having 2 versions that are the same except exclusive pokes, we'd have 3..
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