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Im calling that the Professer's is going to be..

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4 years ago#11
Professor Spruce. He would most certainly be a guy.

If it's a female, I'd say Prof. Maple.
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4 years ago#12
Professor Cedar.
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4 years ago#13
My guess would be Professor Larch (Larch is a specie of tree found in Germany, the 6th generation of games's setting appears to be based on Europe [because of France's Effiel Tower] and IIRC, Nintendo Europe is based in Germany).
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4 years ago#14
Professor's is going to be a thing that professor will own. Like his coat or hat or something.
4 years ago#15
Professor Ash.
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4 years ago#16
mondrae205 posted...
darkdragongirl posted...

I actually like the name Willow.

If they continue with an American inspiration maybe Redwood.

and you don't think this isn't appropriate for a childrens game?

...the game has breeding. Let kids draw their own conclusions.
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4 years ago#17
Professor Wood
Oh Yeah!
4 years ago#18
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  3. Im calling that the Professer's is going to be..

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