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ATTN master Albert.

#1LightningAce11Posted 1/20/2013 7:29:27 PM
What gen do you think this is?
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#2Jarred623Posted 1/20/2013 7:31:17 PM
If only we could fly, Limp Bizkit style. John Otto, take 'em to the Matthew's bridge.
Can ya feel it? My g-g-generation, get up. My g-g-generation, are you ready?
Do you know where you are? Welcome to the jungle punk, take a look around.
It's Limp Bizkit ****in' up your town, we download in the shockwave.

For all the ladies in the cave, to get your groove on,
And maybe your the one who flew over the cuckoo's nest.
Well, guess who's next. Generation x, generation strange.
Sun don't even shine through a window pane.

So go ahead and talk ****, talk **** about me, and go ahead and talk ****. About my g-g-generation!
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