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What kind of stat spread would you like to see for each starter?

#11EdwardoMario16Posted 1/22/2013 3:55:28 PM
Chespin will be Physical-Based, but not very fast.


Fennekin, being a Fire-Type, can't be anything but fast. It NEEDS to be fast.

74/80/78/104/90/109= 535

Froakie will be balanced, but breaks the mold of being the first "fast" Water Starter.

79/96/82/96/88/90= 531
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#12InhaledCornPosted 1/22/2013 4:14:46 PM
I think Chespin's final evo will be more a physical tank spread, and with a Grass/Steel typing, making him very good for that role (a 4x Fire weakness, 2x Fighting weakness). It will probably be a good user of the Sub/Seed strategy.

HP: 101
ATK: 108
DEF: 115
SPA: 54
SDE: 90
SPD: 60
BST: 528

Froakie, if going the way of a wizard, will probably be high in Special Attack and Special defense but has the physical defense of wet tissue paper. He might be more wallish than the others, being able to learn a variety of status-altering moves and Recover. He'll probably be Water/Psychic.

HP: 76
ATK: 56
DEF: 56
SPA: 126
SDE: 108
SPD: 106
BST: 528

Fennekin will definitely be the sweeper of the three. Maybe balanced in the offenses, really good speed, but no defenses. Probably Fire/Dark or pure Fire.

HP: 83
ATK: 108
DEF: 56
SPA: 108
SDE: 56
SPD: 117
BST: 528
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