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Have you ever caught a shiny?

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4 years ago#111
I oncesaw a trainer with a shiny spinarak. The only other time i saw one was a Goldeen and i was out of pokeballs.
4 years ago#112
I ended up knocking out my first and only shiny. Female nidoran way back in the day when I had no idea there were shiny's.
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4 years ago#113
Saw three, caught one. Voltorb in Silver used self destruct or explosion or whatever and killed itself. Then I caught a shiny Girafirig in Emerald, and finally there was a shiny Gothita in Black, but I ran away because I was trying to get to another place quickly, and by the time I realized it was a shiny I was too late.
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4 years ago#114
Shiny Magikarp
nicknamed him solid gold as he was sparkling yellow (:
4 years ago#115
Anticitizen97 posted...
Seriously, all this talk of shinies is bringing me down man! I have played every gen in order (excluding B/W series, still haven't played those) and I haven't even SEEN a legit shiny.

In Diamond, I remember thinking Shellos's other form was shiny, damn near burst into tears when I learned it was just another form.

I think Nintendo is just rigging my games because they know i'm onto their evil schemes...

Other than the Red Gyarados in G/S/C, I've never encountered another shiny... And I've been playing since Gen I!
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4 years ago#116
I'd trade Pokerus over shiny anytime. Pokerus can always helpfully affect stats and is 3 times rarer than shinies. Shinies are only one Pokemon, sometimes not even good, and it may have terrible nature or IVs.
4 years ago#117
I've caught only one, a Budew, who is now a Roserade. I've ran into at least three -- Budew included -- a Poocheyna who was chasing Birch(had no idea about shiny Pokemon then and thought the game was glitching, and a Graveler in Iron Island with Riley. I had a shot at catching him, but then he used Self-Destruct.

Otherwise I acquired a few shiny Pokemon from a friend who figured out how to do the chaining process -- Nosepass and Electrike, and a few of the freebie ones that they gave away. Entei, Raikou and Suicine.
4 years ago#118
Linoone in emerald and venonat in Crystal. Still have the venomoth :)
4 years ago#119
Shiny Sentret back in Silver
Shiny Geodude in Platinum
Shiny Boldore in Black

Pokerus in Black 2 back over Winter Break.... my new crowning achievement.
4 years ago#120
Nope. Not one. Not even the red Gyarados. I KO'd it because I thought it was weird in Crystal and I ran from it in HG. Not like I even want to catch one anyway. Well, not any more.
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