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What is your favorite move of each type?

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User Info: MrMaho

4 years ago#11
Bug - Quiver Dance
Dark - Night Slash
Dragon - Dragon Dance
Electric - Thunderbolt
Fight - Close Combat
Fire - Flamethrower
Flying - Air Slash
Ghost - Shadow Ball
Grass - Giga Drain
Ground - Earthquake
Ice - Ice Punch
Normal - Body Slam
Poison - Sludge bomb
Psychic - Psychic
Rock - Rock Polish
Steel - Iron Head
Water - Surf

User Info: Reaper115

4 years ago#12
Normal- a toss-up between Pound, Horn Drill, Harden, Flash, and Swallow.
Poison- Gunk Shot
Fire- Searing Shot
Fighting- Submission
Water- a toss-up between Crabhammer, Soak, and Clamp
Flying- Drill Peck
Grass- Wood Hammer
Electric- Discharge
Ground- Bone Rush
Psychic- Role Play
Rock- Head Smash
Ice- Frost Breath
Bug- X-Scissor
Dragon- Twister
Ghost- Lick
Dark- Snatch
Steel- Iron Head
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User Info: soMEguy_povo

4 years ago#13
Bug: Fury Cutter
Dark: Night Slash
Dragon: Outrage
Electric: Magnet Rise
Fighting: Sky Uppercut
Fire: Flamethrower
Flying: Pluck
Ghost: Shadow Ball
Grass: Leaf Blade
Ground: Drill Run
Ice: Avalanche
Normal: Hyper Beam
Poison: Toxic
Psychic: Psycho Cut
Rock: Head Smash
Steel: Iron Head
Water: Scald
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