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ITT: Pokemon moves not to use in bed.

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4 years ago#61
You people might say Eruption and stuff like that's good, but it isn't. I don't want to burn my sex partner with lava and I don't want to get hard as steel down there by using Harden because it could damage me and my partner. Not to mention moves like Harden or minimize affect your whole body, so you'd get fully hard as steel and fully small as an ant (or something).

So, yeah. None should be used.
4 years ago#62
Minimize....seriously no one thought of this!?
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4 years ago#63
Worry seed
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4 years ago#64
afrodude77 posted...
Worry seed

Yep, that's about right. ;)

Kromlech06 posted...
The correct answer was substitute, which I believe only one person said.

Kudos to that guy.

Everybody go to bed.

Best single move answer.
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4 years ago#65
absorb, arm thrust, belly drum, block, bulk up, bulldoze, chip away, constrict, dig, eruption, gear grind, growth, ingrain, milk drink, me first, scald, slam, spore, string shot, tickle, or wood hammer.
4 years ago#66
my favorites are submission, and withdraw. but none should be used. this topic's hilarious though :)
4 years ago#67
Sleep Talk.
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4 years ago#68
4 years ago#69
Sludge Wave, Gunk Shot, Gastro Acid, pretty much any poison move, really.

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4 years ago#70
It's-a me!
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