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What pre-evos do you like better than their evolved form(s)?

#1abcDSBTPosted 1/25/2013 8:10:09 PM(edited)
Charmeleon (come at me, fanboys)
Haunter (although Gengar is pretty cool)
Elgyem (although I love Beheeyem)
Dragonair (although I like Dragonite)
Exeggcute (I HATE Exeggutor, and actually use Exeggcute over him!)
Dewott (although Samurott is boss)
Dewott (although Samurott is boss)
Combusken (those claws! And Blazikens hairdo just looks like a mess...)
Grovyle (thank you PMD2!)
Quilava (Typhlosion has such stubby arms and LESS fire than Quilava)

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#2Blazekicker27Posted 1/25/2013 8:15:45 PM
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#3sinfulGrimoirePosted 1/25/2013 8:17:09 PM
Honestly, all of them. I once did a run through using all baby Pokemon, and never allowed them to evolve. Smoochum, Magby, Pichu, Elekid, Igglybuff, and Cleffa. It was fun. I think the base or second evolutions always look better.
#4FungusForBrainsPosted 1/25/2013 8:19:04 PM
Dusclops, Dragonair and Grovyle.

The first two because Dusclops is frankly just much more awesome in design than Dusknoir, and Dragonite is far too different, and again, Dragonair has a better design. Grovyle because of PMD2. <3
#5SilverSockPosted 1/25/2013 8:23:47 PM
Haunter-Always wished he was the final form.
Golbat-Crobat just doesn't look that good to me...Not sure why.
Nidorino-Nothing wrong with Nidoking, I'm just a Nidorino fan for some reason.
Scyther-Again, Scizor is cool, but I just really liked Scyther and wish his evo was a little more like him.
Dragonair-Yeah, I'm expecting a lot of this.
Quilava-More my style than Typhlosion.
Murkrow-Mafia boss Honchkrow is fine, but I think I prefer the sleeker Murkrow.
Snivy-****, I had high hopes for you...
Tepig-See above.
Elgyem-I like the green better. Probably part of why I prefer Scyther to Scizor, too.
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#6abcDSBT(Topic Creator)Posted 1/26/2013 1:44:53 PM
Oddworld, Graffiti Kingdom, Supah Nario Bros, and Simtunes FTW!
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#7bobstevens23123Posted 1/26/2013 1:48:08 PM
abcDSBT posted...

Haunter (although Gengar is pretty cool)

Dewott (although Samurott is boss)

Grovyle (thank you PMD2!, sceptile is a boss too)

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#8xBl1tzkri3gxPosted 1/26/2013 3:11:47 PM
I like: Haunter
Piplup, Prinplup is ugly
Elektrik, although Elektross is kinda cool, I just don't like how he bounces
Snorunt, Glalie is ok, weird but ok, Froslass is creepy as all heck. Cute little Snorunt turns into a creepy ghost wearing a mask.
That's about it.
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