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What if Red was in your neighborhood?

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3 years ago#11
Grab my Blastoise and pretend to be Blue.
Official Lugia of the Pokemon BW2 Boards
3 years ago#12
Throw a rock at his Charizard, and then easily beat him up since he is only 10.
"I'm Batman" ~ Batman
3 years ago#13
I would wonder what I did to incur the wrath of this villainous character presumably called Red.
Jack has done nothing but...acts all innocent and... he honestly thought he was being helpful...~~HylianWarrior
3 years ago#14
Get a Badass Dragonite, Dewgong, Flareon, Slaking, Shiny Oshawott and Gengar and literally destroy him and his Charizard.
Like My Father said: If you want to hide something, put it out in the open. ~Venture Brothers
3 years ago#15
Easy. Just use Celebi to turn back time until I beat him.

It worked against Giovanni.
Gotta kill them all!: A satyr's take on the Pokemon theme song.
Official Shiny Victini of all Pokemon boards.
3 years ago#16
Red already is in my neighborhood. There's at least 3 red houses here.
Ok ok. Sheesh. If he just burned my house down for no reason I'd kick his sorry ass and take all his pokemon while he's asleep.
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