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should gamefreak go beyond the two evolution standard?

#21DoctorJimmy133Posted 1/28/2013 2:22:40 AM
What are the Pokes that would benefit most from another evolution? Crap like Butterfree and Dustox, right? Evolving them would ruin the bug-cocoon-bug aspect of their evolutionary lines, so it's hard to see where to go from there.

After those, what's the Pokémon with the lowest BST that has two prevolutions?

…Azumarill? It has Huge Power, so Eviolite Huge Power Azumarill under Trick Room... is a bit scary.

…Wigglytuff? It doesn't exactly need an evolution compared to such wimps as Luvdisc and Delibird, though it does suck, yeah.

I'm not opposed to the idea of introducing new evolutionary lines with four members or more. In fact, Klink's family should have been several stages, like so:
Basic = two gears
Evolution #1 = three gears
Evolution #2 = several gears
Evolution #3 = Lots of gears
Evolution #4 = Lots of gears with some casing
Evolution #5 = Machine

I understand this is a bit vague, but it would just be so cool. Too late now, though.