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Wow, I'm listening to the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald soundtrack and...

#1Nintendoboy77Posted 1/28/2013 1:02:34 PM
this soundtrack is amazing! Or at least for a Pokemon game. I was just completely bored and remembered I haven't listened to this music in a long time. So I youtube'd it expecting it to be mediocre and was very surprised.
#2MugilokoPosted 1/28/2013 1:04:30 PM
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#3AuroraSonicBeamPosted 1/28/2013 1:04:56 PM
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#4kingjam1Posted 1/28/2013 1:06:14 PM
Yay trumpets.
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#5XazealPosted 1/28/2013 1:07:00 PM
trumpets 4 lyf
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#6Second_ChancesPosted 1/28/2013 1:08:20 PM
Colosseum's better. XD, too.
#7Blazekicker27Posted 1/28/2013 1:12:02 PM
It's my second favorite soundtrack of the main series. Dem trumpets.
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#8InsanititiousPosted 1/28/2013 1:17:39 PM
F****** trumpets.
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#9KalavinkaPosted 1/28/2013 1:33:41 PM
C/D: names for a hypothetical remake should be Trombone Ruby/Trumpet Sapphire
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#10GastroidPosted 1/28/2013 1:46:07 PM
French horn feels left out. :(
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