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What is your favorite Bug Type Pokemon?

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4 years ago#41
Accelgor and Ninjash and Shedinja. Gotta love my ninjas.
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4 years ago#42
I think never is enough.
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4 years ago#43
4 years ago#44
4 years ago#45
4 years ago#46
4 years ago#47
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4 years ago#48
jimmyzeke13 posted...
Scizor or Heracross.
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4 years ago#49
Flygon, Gliscor, Drapion, Kingler, and Crawdaunt.

Actually, it's Venomoth. I just can't help it, I love moths. Volcarona is pretty awesome, too. Dustox is cool. The other 3 moths are just okay (Forretress, Mothim, Wormadam).

There are so many other bugs I love... Scolipede, Ariados, Galvantula, Heracross, Scyther, Pinsir, Durant, Beedrill, etc...
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4 years ago#50
sinfulGrimoire posted...

Error, Bug type not detected
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