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What pokemon is the poster above?

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3 years ago#101
Chespin comes to mind first. Not sure why; maybe the "nip" part.
Official Latios of the Pokemon X/Y Boards
3 years ago#102
Age don't mean anything compare to intelligence.
SS:2151 4629 8338
3 years ago#103
rayoflightning posted...

GT: ish0turfac3 - Nintendo ID: ish0turfac3
3 years ago#104
If you fully love and believe in Jesus Christ and are 100% proud of it, please put this as your signature. I'm proud to believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior.
3 years ago#105
DMGirl posted...

Official Scrafty Of The Black And White Clan, Official Misdreavus of The BW 2 Boards. Official Lorelei of the BW 2 Boards.
3 years ago#106
Pokemon White FC: 4427-3698-5253 Izzi
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3 years ago#107
Chykka_Black posted...

3 years ago#108
Thanks, L4DHunter!
3 years ago#109
Every wound a new opportunity, every curse a new challenge.
I shall encounter defeats... But I will not be defeated.
3 years ago#110
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