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We name Pokemons that would be OP if they had different abilities:

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User Info: Trav51695

4 years ago#11
Wonder guard Spiritomb! :)
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User Info: LightningAce11

4 years ago#12
Huge power archeops.

Speed boost garchomp

Speed boost excadrill

Moxie black kyurem

Tinted lens lilligant
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User Info: JacK_1S_BK

4 years ago#13
GoldenSun3DS posted...
[anything else] Slaking

Even Slow Start Slaking.
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User Info: OldDirtyCR

4 years ago#14
Surprised no one said Regigigas yet. Basically any ability besides what it has now would be better.

Regigigas + Huge Power = Supremely overpowered x 50 (320 base attack with great defenses/hp already)

Regigigas + Speed Boost = Ridiculous

Regigigas + Multiscale would also be nice.

User Info: IrisVile

4 years ago#15
Swift Swim/Sand Rush/ Sand Throw Garchomp.
As a side not Levitate Calm Mind Recover eviolite Magenaton is So-so.
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User Info: OldDirtyCR

4 years ago#16
Rhyperior and Mold Breaker would help him out quite a bit (earthquake against levitate pokemon)

Foretress + Scrappy = Rapid Spin able to hit ghosts.

Magic Guard on anything that is weak to Rock moves (Stealth Rock). There are quite a few pokemon that are stuck below OU because they have a crippling weakness to a specific entry hazard and Magic Guard would probably bring them up.

User Info: SilverSaint7

4 years ago#17
Huge Power Terrakion
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User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#18
Sap Sipper Swampert

Huge Power Zebstrika
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User Info: the_cajun88

4 years ago#19
Tinted Lens + Black Kyurem

Everything save very few Pokemon are OHKO'd.
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User Info: KillerMechanoid

4 years ago#20
pafbonk posted...
Wonderguard Sableye (that would be hilarious)

Trav51695 posted...
Wonder guard Spiritomb! :)

The final villain in Pokestar Studios' Ghost Eraser is a Ghost/Dark type with Wonder Guard. You beat it by either changing its ability or its type.
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