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Your favorite Pokemon as a kid, your favorite Pokemon now

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User Info: Unpure_Euphoria

4 years ago#171
Then: Pidgeot

Now: Pidgeot

Though to be fair I don't know all of the new Pokemon yet. I started a game of White but am not terribly far in. So, that may change.
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User Info: MSAddict

4 years ago#172
Then and now: Espeon.
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User Info: ExcaliburOwner

4 years ago#173
Past: Feraligatr
Now: Feraligatr

It was the Pokemon that made me like the games in the first place, after Charizard helped me dislike my Red Version.
Played: Pokemon Black (and White). Progress: Finished both, with complete Pokedex in Black.
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User Info: AIMgame321

4 years ago#174
Kid- Charmander
Now- Snorlax

User Info: Revoredo

4 years ago#175
Kid: Nidoking

Now (27): Arcanine

Though I barely play anymore. Will be picking up Y Version because of nostalgia, as I don't plan on going far on the newest Hax Frontier or battling online anyway.
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User Info: VioletZer0

4 years ago#176
Favorite then: Gyarados. I loved how it evolved from a useless pokemon.

Favorite now: Mismagius. I like the over all design and its moveset.

User Info: DrSublime

4 years ago#177
Kid: Gyarados

Now: Tyranitar
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User Info: DarkKirby2500

4 years ago#178
Red/Blue - Mew, Mewtwo

Gold/Silver - Scizor, Lugia, Tyranitar

Ruby/Sapphire - Gardevoir, Scizor, Jirachi, Lugia, Tyranitar

Time Passed

B2/W2 - Gardevoir, Scizor
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User Info: Donniedonz

4 years ago#179
As a kid: Starmie.

Now: Mismagius, Absol.

However, Starmie's still in my top 10. It just got misplaced due to newer Pokemon outshining it.
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User Info: GhostlyBen

4 years ago#180
Then: charizard
My very first pokemon and one of the main reasons I bought the game. I saw him on the cover and thought he was BA.

Now: Lucario
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