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why are people so dead set on claiming one gen to be better than the rest?

#11MaurithPosted 1/31/2013 6:25:00 PM(edited)
It's funny, because when you step outside of the Pokémon box and look at them all, it's just people bickering about a bunch of games which are all essentially the same thing, over the pettiest things.

"Oh, this one has more water routes than the others, FML!"

"Guys, guys - in this one you don't have to hold down B to run! The removal of that was a HUGE step backwards in Gen 5."

"origianl 151 r da best screw dat nu crap lol"

"Man, you can't even catch good Fire types before the elite 4 if you didn't choose that starter, what a joke!"

"Gen 2 is complete garbage, among the likes of Bubsy 3D*, Cheetahmen and Superman 64 that did nothing good for the series, what were they smoking?"

"But...but the Physical/Special split! It was so revolutionary, not like it was inevitable at some point and can be used to overlook everything else Gen 4 was lazy ab-..." [ahem] great, I'm a hypocrite now.

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