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My gym ideas.

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3 years ago#1
Bug - The spiderweb gym. The gym leader is a boy around the age of your character he is a scholar at the local trainer school and he appears a few times early in the game.

Grass - The vine swinging gym. The gym leader is a male gymnast that often owns his skills by swinging among the vines in his gym.

Psychic - The sparkly looking gym with cubes. The gym leader is a young female magician that is friends with the grass type gym leader they apparently use to perform together and she is from the Unova Region.

Rock - A mountain like gym that uses a crane to take you to different levels of the gym. The gym leader is a laid back older woman that is an acquaintance of Clay. When not at her gym she will revert fossils into their original form.

Fighting - A very plain gym that is almost like a Japanese Tatami House. The gym leader is a young man that is dressed in ninja guard he is wise and mediates regularly.

Dragon - A very elegant gym that looks like a castle. The gym leader is a young woman that has a design based on a french queen.

Water - An odd gym that looks like a battle ship. You need to battle each trainer in each quarter before you face the gym leader who is a gruff sailor.

Dark - Finally a dark type gym. The gym leader wears a black trench coat complimented with sunglasses worn on their head and a black scarf based on a Zoroark. Their gym is pitch black and they often have a cold look on their face.
3 years ago#2
Hope we get a dark gym
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