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Compliment your least favourite Pokemon

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User Info: craigknapper287

4 years ago#41
At least your not pink magicarp
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User Info: CRK44

4 years ago#42
The cult following that you've generated is really entertaining, Bidoof.
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User Info: fuzi11

4 years ago#43
Spinda, you have an interesting gimmick

MizunoRyuu posted...
Volcarona has a unique typing that can sometimes be helpful competitively... I guess.

whaaaaaaa O_O Volcarona is like the greatest bugmon in existence

User Info: Rishah0078

4 years ago#44
Dunsparce, you can learn a large number of moves from TMs.

User Info: Vycoul

4 years ago#45
...Is it odd that I don't really have a least favorite Pokemon?
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User Info: pafbonk

4 years ago#46
12Rouge posted...
You're the mascot of Pokemon, great job.

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User Info: thechaoticclown

4 years ago#47
wouldn't really care that much. there are a few more characters that i want to be in more then those 5.

User Info: blackyoshi33

4 years ago#48
Jynx, you have an interesting and unique type.
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User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

4 years ago#49
Arceus, I guess some people like you
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User Info: thedarklordx3

4 years ago#50
taex posted...
NejiHyuga900 posted...
Trubbish does look somewhat cute.


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