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Compliment your least favourite Pokemon

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User Info: Gtuansdiamm

4 years ago#71
all of gen 5 your probably better than gen 6

User Info: KillerMechanoid

4 years ago#72
I don't have a least favourite.

oh wait.

With your prolificness, it looks like your species will not be going extinct anywhere soon, Zubat and Tentacool.

User Info: darkhisham

4 years ago#73
dragonsoldier posted...
BatmanWTtP posted...
You're a wonderful HM slave Bidoof

Pretty much this

Your evolut...screw it, both of them are HM slaves and nothing else.

User Info: Magmasta

4 years ago#74
Your seeds taste good
Bowser is a Tarasque and Magmar is a legend

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#75
Well, Lapras...
You're a pain to beat...
Unless I have a Fighting Type...
And... I think you can surf...
But I don't use you so how would I know?
Two Champions use you...
Even though one uses you as part of a pattern and the other... Sucks...

I can't think of anything positive about Lapras without just shooting it down again.
Let me try something else...

Well, Dialga, you don't have to feel bad. I like puppies.
Wait... You're supposed to be a dragon? Mind=blown.
(there I go again)

This is the hardest topic ever.

User Info: Ampharos64

4 years ago#76
Mr. Mime, you, er... um... Your pre-evolution is not a complete terrifying abomination? That's totally a compliment, well, it's the best you're getting.

User Info: TheGaijin

4 years ago#77

hum... you... hum...
nope... I have nothing... sorry
Final Fantasy XIV - Larek Darkholme @ Masamune

User Info: darkdragongirl

4 years ago#78
Glameow you look like a real arse, I respect that...kind of.
Chespin 2013
Chespin me right round like a record

User Info: jwolfe340

4 years ago#79
Purrloin: Erm... At least you're not a Digimon. That's a compliment, right?

User Info: otter_929

4 years ago#80
SR71halo posted...
At least you give us heart scales, Luvdisc.

I came into the topic to say exactly this.
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