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Compliment your least favourite Pokemon

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4 years ago#81
So hariyama....... I guese the size of your hands would make you a great catcher in baseball?
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4 years ago#82
Well Muk, I guess your name can be used for laughs at least.
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4 years ago#83
Dear all legendaries, who used to be worth something before I could leave 3 glameows on the gts and get as many of you as I felt like, your stats are pretty good! :D
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4 years ago#84
taex posted...
NejiHyuga900 posted...
Trubbish does look somewhat cute.

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4 years ago#85
Gurdurr, I do thank you for somehow contracting Pokerus in my White 2 game. I wasn't even using you on my team for anything other than Strength, so I'm not sure how you were the one to actually get it. (Unless I'm misremembering, which is likely). Also, your girder has a nice 3D effect in the 3DS Pokedex app, and your evolution led to a nice little running gag on my Youtube channel.
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4 years ago#86
Pikachu, your bleeding corpse is absolutely beautiful.
4 years ago#87
sinfulGrimoire posted...
Pikachu, your bleeding corpse is absolutely beautiful.

4 years ago#88

-You're from 2nd gen, my favorite generation.
-Psychic is one of my favorite types.
-Blue is one of my favorite colors.

Now go die in a Fire Blast please.
4 years ago#89
Registeel, you can certainly wall special attacks like a boss.
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4 years ago#90
Serperior will stop being a useless waste of space if its Dream World ability ever comes out.
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