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C/D You want a Bicycle theme

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3 years ago#1

Sure some were awesome. I love the gen 3 bike theme, but they can get annoying after a while. I just want to listen to that awesome Driftveil city theme but my bike keeps screwing the music up. Gen 6 should not have a bicycle theme.

The bicycle should just be an item for transportation. Imagine if the fishing rod, Pokedex or the running shoes had their own theme. That would be even more annoying.

Also I want the old beeping back. Red health doesn't require its own battle music. Or better yet, no beeping altogether, just keep the battle theme.
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3 years ago#2
After B/W's Bike theme I want more great themes like that.
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3 years ago#3
King-gamer posted...
Also I want the old beeping back.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. No, no critical health beeping anymore. I was so happy when they got rid of that and added the new theme. I would be fine with just removing the beeping and not having the song, but I do NOT want to go back to the beeping.

Anyways... hm, I rarely listen to the Bike theme, but I see no reason to cut this, so I'll say C.
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3 years ago#4
In real life, yes.
But since this is Pokemon, I'm indifferent. C, but only if it's really good.

And I'm actually okay with the beeping and the change in music when you're low on health (especially when you're fighting Iris. I hate her theme)
3 years ago#5
There seriously should be an option to have the bike theme on or off when you get on. It plain doesn't make sense that it doesn't exist.

The music changing when I travel a across town to enter another building faster is pointless and annoying.

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3 years ago#6
How about an option?
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3 years ago#7
DarkKirby2500 posted...

3 years ago#8
More Pokemon music can only be a good thing.
3 years ago#9
Man i love the bike themes but i hate using the bike now. Besides from the look of the trailer those rollerskates are probably bike replacements.
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3 years ago#10
Absolutely yes
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