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C/D You want a Bicycle theme

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3 years ago#11

I'm sick of them.
3 years ago#12
Neither C nor D. I play with the volume off.
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3 years ago#13
Of course I want a bike theme. I like the bike theme more than lots of route/town music so...
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3 years ago#14
Certainly you guys must have been annoyed to not be able to hear that awesome Driftveil City theme. I mean who doesn't!?

And besides, if they don't compose a theme for the bicycle, then there really is nothing to mourn about, nobody is sad that running shoes didn't get its own theme. There's no reason for the bicycle to have it's own theme other than to overwrite the awesome city music.

Here's a better idea, gen 6 gives us a cycling road. And like all cycling roads, they have the bicycle theme playing. That should solve the problem.

The Hero Of Time posted...
King-gamer posted...
Also I want the old beeping back.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. No, no critical health beeping anymore. I was so happy when they got rid of that and added the new theme. I would be fine with just removing the beeping and not having the song, but I do NOT want to go back to the beeping.

Anyways... hm, I rarely listen to the Bike theme, but I see no reason to cut this, so I'll say C.

IMO, the constant changing of music mid battle is annoying. Use potion, music goes back to normal, switch Pokemon, music goes back to normal, U-turn, volt switch, music changes again, rest, recover, etc. it's stupid. But, yes, removing it altogether would definitely be better. I'm getting tired of the Japanese Ultraman beeping sound. But I do find it less annoying than constantly changing the music.
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