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New Pokemon

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4 years ago#1
A new idea for a pokemon that I dreamt up while reading up on the new type topic.

It will be

Lava Type Pokemon

Whenever it is hit with water it becomes Water/Rock(Steam Type)

If hit with Fire again it reverts to Fire/Rock(Lave Type)

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4 years ago#2
That's not a very useful ability as it has a 4x weakness to water. Even after changing (if it somehow survives the water attack), it would still be neutral to it.
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4 years ago#3
Storm Drain
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4 years ago#4
How is Water/Rock steam... ? Should be Fire/Rock -> Water/Fire -> Fire/Rock.
4 years ago#5
Oh boy.
4 years ago#6
FungusForBrains posted...
How is Water/Rock steam... ?

Because its lava at first?
PSN: HauntedBullets
4 years ago#7
Yep let's hit the water/rock type with fire.
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