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So does this mean we will get Pokemon RSE remakes in 3d?

#31paiprPosted 2/5/2013 1:53:41 PM
jayman7 posted...
I've previously suggested - and still stand by it - that there is another alternative to remakes or sequels of third-gen games.

Virtual Console ports.

So long as the sixth-gen games are compatible with them in some fashion (which I don't believe would be difficult) it would allow them to allow people to go back to Hoenn. Though they'd probably be devoid of later-game additions and mechanics, the possibility is definitely there.

Not saying it will. Not saying it won't. Just saying it's possible.

but then we are stuck with a game that is missing like half the pokemon, which include new evolution for old favorites. a game missing items/ and moves from post gen 3 games even though it is being released after them. a game that doesnt have the physical/special attack split which mean you will be building pokemon either a, different than you would want to use them post split (when said transfer happeneds) or b, building pokemon that might not work properly in the game your playing.

as if gen 3 needs more hate for being "locked" lets go ahead and make it so you can play it again but this time take the locking of it to a whole new extreme. all the while doing this after a "3d" pokemon game has final been made.

no im sorry, virtual console port is not the answer, i want a remake that is awesomely "3d" and 100% compatible with gen 6.
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