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What games can i find pikachu and blue eyes white dragon in?

#21funguy10(Topic Creator)Posted 2/6/2013 10:04:32 AM
Dawndragon posted...
TC, does the 'Blue Eyes White Dragon' look like this?

If so, then you may want Pokemon Black.

Pikachu is easily obtainable from the Trade boards, though if you truly wish to capture it personally then... you may want one of Heartgold, Soul Silver, Or Platinum.

Hope that helps :)

thankyou! thats what i am looking for! ugh i dont know these games that well. but i dated a lady whos son had the cards. so i know what it looks like. but not its name. this post clears it up more. thanks for your help. :) i use the wii so i cant paste pics. thanks again :)