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Favorite Pokemon from each region

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4 years ago#21
Chespin 2013
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4 years ago#22
Kanto: Charizard (Come at me)
Johto: Heracross
Hoenn: Camerupt
Sinnoh: Lumineon
Unova: Scrafty
4 years ago#23
Kanto: Dugtrio
Johto: Espeon
Hoenn: Mightyena
Sinnoh: Luxray
Unova: Volcarona
4 years ago#24
Kanto: Articuno
Johto: Raikou or Scizor
Hoenn: Blaziken or Metagross
Sinnoh: Darkrai
Unova: Carracosta
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4 years ago#25
Kanto: Jolteon
Johto: Crobat
Hoenn: Gardevoir
Sinnoh: Roserade (Or Magnezone)
Unova: Klinklang
4 years ago#26
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4 years ago#27
Okay... Let me think here... Uhh... Including Legendaries? I'll list both Legendaries, and non-Legendaries.

Kanto: Alakazam, Mewtwo
Johto: Scizor, Lugia
Hoenn: Blaziken, Rayquaza
Sinnoh: Garchomp, Palkia
Unova: Haxorus, Genesect (he's in the Pokedex so I guess he counts)
4 years ago#28
Kanto: Ivysaur
Johto: Sneasle
Hoenn: Breloom
Sinnoh: Croagunk
Unova: Cinccino
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4 years ago#29
Sinnoh: or or
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4 years ago#30
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