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Register for the NEW! CYOA/RP: Pokemon Spirit Signs!

#41OcarinaofToast(Topic Creator)Posted 2/6/2013 12:16:55 PM
Astral_Beast posted...


I wanna join!

Just give me the list of pokemon that are not allowed (Like Arceus) and i will sign in!

Pretty much any :)
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#42Number_0nePosted 2/6/2013 12:46:38 PM
Name: Zade
Gender: Male
Age: OLD
Spirit Pokemon: Staraptor
Appearance: A regular old man

Bio: Zade has had a Spirit sign for a long time, and sometimes visits Starsign Village to teach some of the more recent people how to use theirs. He spends the rest of his time on the mainland.
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#43Astral_BeastPosted 2/6/2013 12:54:59 PM
Ok, i will do it.

Name: Zenon
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Spirit Pokémon: Mewtwo
Appearance: He looks like this but replace the pointy ears with normal ears and change the coats color (The red coat that is hanging on his neck.)and the eyes color to purple and there you go.
Bio: No one knows why he looks so apart from the others. Some say he is an unholy demon. He obtained his spirit sign at age 13. His spirit sign looks like a circle with strange markings around it and a strange alien head in the middle of the circle.
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#44Chandler014Posted 2/6/2013 1:04:24 PM
Name: Tyler
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Spirit Pokemon: Tyranitar
Appearence: a Teenager wearing a black cloak. (Think of Organization XIII's cloaks from Kingdom hearts) he has a gauntlet on his Sign arm.

He is a teenager who lived in Johto originally until his family moved to the village. despite not being from there, he is given a spirit sign: a Dark Dragon sign on his arm. (to picture it, think of a smaller black version of the "Crimson Dragon" from YuGiOh 5D's.) he is Fascinated by the Dragon type or Pokemon with dragon Characteristics, but prefers Tyranitar as his spirit.
#45Chandler014Posted 2/6/2013 1:21:07 PM
Oh and i forgot, he is seen studying the transformations of spirit signs, often muttering, "...Transformation to different creatures, that would be the ultimate power... my power..." No one knows what he says, and often remains alone. however...
To gain his goal, he decides to search for other Spirit sign wielders, such as Ace, Ambi, and Poli, and help them with their goals, in return for their assistance unless he finds them weak, while fighting against his several enemies, his big enemy being Mephistopheles.
Can also say the women Mephistopheles killed was Tyler's mother, and desires revenge on him.
#46XEvent-HorizonXPosted 2/6/2013 2:29:06 PM(edited)
Hold the phone bro!

Name (For CYOA): Masala
Age (You don’t have to be specific): N/A
Gender: ???
Spirit Pokémon (Leave blank if you don’t have one): N/A. It can summon Meloetta, though.
Bio (optional): At first, all of the citizens of Mayne believed Masala would be some new "prophet" spreading around fake magic tricks and becoming a cult leader when they saw it wander into the city. It turned out to be utterly FaBuLoUs when it removed the tattered cloak that obscured it. It can create an orb of blue flames that releases a Meloetta when extinguished. It says this Gardevoir is it's "best friend." It's spirit sign is a pink Star of David on a yellow part of it's wrist that looks like an arm band. It runs a salon near the town square and is an important part of the lives of the Maynx (America -> American) people. Oh Em Gee! Did you see it's hair?! FaBuLoUs!

An odd rendition of Perish Song caused Masala to become ageless.

Edit: Found out you just turn into your spirit pokemon. I don't have one.

Edit 2: I'm gender-neutral so I should use gender-neutral pronouns.
#47Pendragon71037Posted 2/6/2013 1:28:35 PM
Whoa, hey guys. This is new. I got kind of bored with the other one, but I think I'll try this one. :)

If you want to be in the story, just fill out this form:
Name (For CYOA): first name is Alex, but everyone calls him by hi last name, Pendragon
Age (You don’t have to be specific): teenage
Gender: male
Spirit Pokémon (Leave blank if you don’t have one): gonna go with Kabutops again. :P
Appearance: Tall, thin, athletic, light skin, dancing eyes (actual medical condition, means your pupils vibrate nonstop), wears glasses, but doesn't really need them.
Bio: unremarkable family, doesn't get lonely even without people for large amounts of time. Smart, makes a joke every so often, but otherwise doesn't really talk much. Skilled in martial arts, sign is crossed swords made of stone and water, overlaid on a shield with a book insignia.
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#48Skyward_SneaselPosted 2/6/2013 3:29:08 PM
Although I'm not on these boards as much as the black2 boards, I'll join!
Name: Sky
Spirit Pokemon: Shiny Umbreon AND Sneasel

Appearance: Tall, quite short Blonde hair, always wears shirts and waistcoats, has a cane which doubles as a sword, his right hand sign (Sneasel) is a feather and claws, left hand sign (Umbreon) bears similarities to the ring design on an Umbreon as well as similarities to fractals (for all you mathematicians out there). When in Hyper (Sneasel) mood, Umbreon manifests as spirit, and vice versa for Down mood.

Bio: He has two spirit signs, one on each hand . He's ADHD, OCD, Multiple Personality Disorder and a bit Autistic, so the two pokemon fit his two sides, Crazy and energised ADHD Sky (Sneasel) and OCD, slightly depressive and suprisingly calm Sky (Umbreon). Plus the fact they are both dark types may reflect the emotional turmoil inside him. He is usually not too extremely one way or the other, very talkative and intelligent, but is not good at explaining his thoughts. He can fight with swords brilliantly and runs fast, but only when in Hyper mode, while when in Down mode he is very thoughtful. He is overprotective of his friends, and cares about protecting them more than protecting himself. He knows a lot of useless stuff, but always knows something relevant to any situation. He is very musical, and always carries a pack of cards, obsessed with luck and randomness.

Yeah long post I know but I had to procrastinate from English homework somehow! Can someone link me in to their story so I can join in?
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#49OcarinaofToast(Topic Creator)Posted 2/6/2013 3:32:08 PM
There's a link to the story on the previous page! :)
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#50Skyward_SneaselPosted 2/6/2013 3:33:48 PM
OcarinaofToast posted...
There's a link to the story on the previous page! :)

I meant like weave me in to the story :s should have made myself clearer
Ash Ketchum is a Timelord; he never ages!! That or a vampire...
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